03/16/18 - Creating a page with particular tags in the html/php...
$page = file_get_contents ("http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/roadinfo/display.php?page=i80");

$page = explode ("<!-- pageContent -->", $page);

$page = explode ("<!-- footer -->", $page[1]);

echo $page[0];

echo "Updated: ".date('Y-m-d');

02/22/18 - Blockchain Technology Is Here To Stay
Still doesn't answer "what is it" but still a good article? https://www.robertherjavec.com/blockchain-technology-here-to-stay/
02/22/18 - Site Update
I got tired of losing my blog to never ending updates and requiring this website to have a database seemed ridiculous. Word press is cool but it has gone too much with aesthetic. Also just mirrored andrewkrone.com to akrone.com. and less with the content for my needs.